China Hot selling 03B Chain Sprockets with high quality

Size 03b chain is the smallest British Standard roller chain made. Because of this, high-precision tolerances are necessary not only for manufacturing the chain but manufacturing the sprockets as well. Our sprockets are made with these high-precision tolerances using state of the art modern equipment, they are also constructed out of a high-quality high-strength steel so not only are the 03B sprockets effectively high-performance, they also out-last other brands. Standard configurations for these sprockets include A-Plate and B-Hub (hub on 1 side), while stock bores will range from 8mm up to 15mm.

03B A-plate Sprockets

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Outside Diameter (OD) Pitch Diameter (PD) Stock Bore (ID) Sprocket Weight

03B B-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Size Outside Diameter (OD) Pitch Diameter (PD) Hub Diameter (H) Stock Bore (ID) Length Thru Bore (L) Weight
03B8 15.2mm 13.06mm 7mm 4mm 10mm 0.005 kg
03B9 16.8mm 14.62mm 8mm 5mm 10mm 0.006 kg
03B10 18.3mm 16.18mm 9mm 5mm 10mm 0.008 kg
03B11 19.9mm 17.75mm 11mm 6mm 10mm 0.011 kg
03B12 21.5mm 19.32mm 12mm 6mm 10mm 0.015 kg
03B13 23.0mm 20.89mm 14mm 6mm 10mm 0.021 kg
03B14 24.6mm 22.47mm 15mm 6mm 10mm 0.023 kg
03B15 26.2mm 24.04mm 16mm 6mm 10mm 0.025 kg
03B16 27.8mm 25.63mm 18mm 8mm 13mm 0.032 kg
03B17 29.4mm 27.20mm 18mm 8mm 13mm 0.035 kg
03B18 30.9mm 28.79mm 18mm 8mm 13mm 0.037 kg
03B19 32.5mm 30.38mm 18mm 8mm 13mm 0.039 kg
03B20 34.1mm 31.96mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.040 kg
03B21 35.7mm 33.54mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.056 kg
03B22 37.3mm 35.13mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.059 kg
03B23 38.9mm 36.72mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.063 kg
03B24 40.5mm 38.30mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.065 kg
03B25 42.0mm 39.89mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.068 kg
03B26 43.6mm 41.48mm 25mm 8mm 15mm 0.095 kg
03B27 45.2mm 43.07mm 25mm 8mm 15mm 0.105 kg
03B28 46.8mm 44.65mm 25mm 8mm 15mm 0.106 kg
03B29 48.4mm 46.25mm 25mm 8mm 15mm 0.107 kg
03B30 50.0mm 47.83mm 25mm 8mm 15mm 0.109 kg
03B31 51.6mm 49.42mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.110 kg
03B32 53.2mm 51.01mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.112 kg
03B33 54.8mm 52.60mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.115 kg
03B34 56.3mm 54.19mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.120 kg
03B35 57.9mm 55.78mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.125 kg
03B36 59.5mm 57.37mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.130 kg
03B37 61.1mm 58.96mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.136 kg
03B38 62.7mm 60.54mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.140 kg
03B39 64.3mm 62.13mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.144 kg
03B40 65.9mm 63.73mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.145 kg